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Pirate Ship Bed

Your Little Boy Will Sleep Soundly On A Pirate Ship Bed

Little children love to role play and decorating their playroom or bedroom under a theme creates an atmosphere they will surely enjoy and love. In the playroom, toy boxes and chairs can have a specific theme. But for the bedroom, one beautiful piece of furniture to cultivate his imagination is a pirate ship bed. If little girls love Cinderela or Snow White, the little boys love the Pirates of the Caribbean. So – let him sleep on a pirate ship bed.

Beds are considered the most important furniture for a growing toddler or child. Comfort is one good quality of bed. But the concept of comfort is not yet inculcated in the little one’s mind. He is still in the play world. So, parents should address this to make the child happy and easy to handle.  The pirate ship bed is one very nice piece of bedroom furniture.

Just Kids Stuff Pirate Ship Toddler BedPirate Ship Bed

Pirate Ship Bed

This ship is for a budding toddler. It is hand-crafted, carefully designed to make it easy for the toddler to get into the bed but hard to fall from it. It is easy to access and is safe for the child. The 12-inch height of the bed gives assurance for safety. It is provided with safety sides to keep the little tot in the bed.  It is made from imported and laminated Baltic birch.  Around the bed’s base is pirate design in bold black, yellow and red colors.  It has a dimension of 55” length x 30” width x 20” height.  It is recommended for children aged 1½  to 4 years old.  It is easy to assemble (takes about 30 minutes) and the price is around $300.

Kid’s Pirate Ship Bed

This is one piratical design that cultivates the child’s wildest imagination of being one Johnny Depp in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Its bed base is made of hard and solid marine plywood and all the fittings and fixtures were from solid hard wood. The bed provides a big space for storage. At the bow are shelves and the stern is good for all treasures. On one side of the ship-bed are three drawers disguised as cannons. Several awesome details are waves that are seemingly breaking around the whole side area. It is decorated with a real ship wheel, railings, sail and a working brass ship bell. The whole bed can be broken down into 3 parts for transportation. It allows for engraved brass plaques.

Children’s Twin Boat Bed with Trundle Bed Pirate Ship Plans

Want to know how to build a pirate ship kids bed?  If you are a handy person you can have a try at a home built pirate ship bed by using these plans.  It will surely be more special to the child, expecially if they get to see you building it for them.  The trundle bed design allows for sleepovers or extra storage.  Instructions include a cutting list, drawings and step by step instructions.  You are obviously going to need to supply all the bulding materials and tools.  If you build it in a workshop it can easily be disassembled for transport.  Price for pirate bed blueprints is about $25.

Pirate Ship Bed for the Pro-active (and Rich Kids)

This is a twin-sized bed with a trundle. A custom built bed from the Pirates of the Caribbean, this product is a bed cum playhouse. It has an aft deck that can be accessed with a ladder (provided in the package). There is a captain’s quarter below with a twin or double sized kid’s bed. It has rails and the ship’s exterior can have an optional first mate’s pull out trundle. The exterior is decorated with 4 cannons. There is a retractable walking plank and a wooden anchor that keeps the ship fixed and unmoving. It comes with a tiller at its back and shelves can be placed at this portion to provide storage for the brat’s toys and pirate’s treasures. Well, really for the rich as it costs from $6,050 to $8,050.

Little boy’s delight will really be complete with the pirate ship bed. His bedroom takes the theme of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Why don’t you complete the fun with pirate beddings and accessories?